The Winner’s Series by Marie Rutkoski

Oh, yeah, baby! (Like Austin Powers) You know how I was pretty upset about not being able to read The Winner’s Kiss by Marie Rutkoski during spring break, my unreal friends? Well, tonight I went to Barnes and Noble because I wanted to see if they had mistakenly put out the copies. (They do this all the time!) They hadn’t, but I asked the sales clerk if they had any. After checking for Winter (obviously wrong!) and asking if it had an apple in a hand on the front, I told her it was “winner”, and she found it in the system. She said it was in the back, but she wasn’t sure if she could sell it. She asked the manager, and he told her she could sell it early if people ask. ASIDE: Is this a real thing? Or should they have waited until Tuesday? Whatevs. I benefited from it, regardless!

So I officially have a copy of the book I really wanted to read over spring break, with two days left. Did I mention I’ve been waiting to read The Winner’s Crime until this weekend because I hate reading series books when they are not all out. (I didn’t know it was a series for some reason when I picked up Curse.) Yeah, so now, in two days, on Easter weekend, I get to read constantly so that I can get to the book I really want to read. Like, I’ve been waiting for Kiss to come out like I waited for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I was even planning to stay up as long as it took on Tuesday to finish it. Yeah, that’s how much I wanted to read it.

But now my plan is ruined. Instead, I will be reading parts of Curse, just for a refresher and all of Crime. Then, I’ll get to the end of the series with Kiss. In case you can’t tell, all of this will require little sleep (because, again, I do have a life and kids) because I can usually only read at night.

Sounds awesome, right? No, seriously, a book I’ve been waiting forever to come out and a whole weekend of reading a series I love–that is, in fact, my definition of awesome.

I’m such a book nerd. 🙂

Hope you have a good weekend of reading ahead of you as well, my dear imaginary ones! And Happy Easter!




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