About Me

Welcome to The Imaginary Adventures of a Book Nerd blog!  Like millions of others (if it seems like a hyperbole, it probably is), I decided to start a blog about books––shocking, considering the title, I know.  These adventures will, of course, be about the books I read or want to read since I don’t really have “adventures”.  (Who has the time?  I have to read at some point and, you know, work.)

I read a variety of books, depending on my mood, but I enjoy young adult, romance, and literary fiction the most, so expect to see a lot of those genres on this blog.  I hope you enjoy my adventures (and by you, I meant my mom, husband, and the two or three friends I have who like to read ).  Did I mention I enjoy a parenthetical expression?  You’ll learn!

Hey, interested in contacting me?  Here’s some info:



Twitter:  @BkNrdAdventures